J.D.A. - Picker Operator Job Description...



  • The basic function of the Driver/Operator is to deliver and or move oilfield tools, equipment, etc. to specific locations using safe work practices and procedures.


  • The Driver/Operator reports to the Dispatcher



  • Required: Grade 10 or Better
  • Preferred: Grade 12 or Better


  • Required: Minimum 1 year experience in transportation
  • Preferred: Minimum 1 year experience in light oilfield/ heavy oilfield hauling

Hours of Service

  • Must be available by company phone 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, but keeping in accordance with the Government Hours of Service Regulations
  • All days off must be arranged with General Manager

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Work well with others
  • Ability to demonstrate leadership skills
  • Ability to work in a fast pace environment
  • A good knowledge of the geographical area.
  • Knowledge in oilfield related tools and equipment


The Driver Operator is given the necessary authority to manage and administer the following basic functions of this position

  • Refuse unsafe work practices
  • Direct Swamper


The Driver Operator is responsible for the following

  • Must report all injuries to the Dispatcher ASAP
  • Must report all incidents, accidents and near misses to the Dispatcher ASAP
  • Know and practice all OH&S and NSC regulations regarding this job.
  • Wear proper PPE on job sites and ensure Swampers under your direction are in compliance
  • Point out hazards to dispatcher and practice safe work procedures
  • Ensure all procedures are followed safely according to the Government Health and Safety Regulations
  • Keep units clean after all jobs
  • Ensure all required safety equipment is in unit prior to doing job
  • Ensure all equipment used for jobs is in good order and neatly stored in appropriate place
  • Chain up of truck as conditions apply
  • Maintain all slings and lifting cables, if in doubt do not use
  • Ensure loads are measured for height, weight, width, length and overhang to ensure compliance with yearly permits.(Check with dispatcher to acquire further permits if required prior to travel)
  • Ensure all required paper works is completed and turned in when back to home base
  • Ensure all log books are completed and up to date at all times
  • Attend safety meetings and be on committee if required
  • Report all unsafe work conditions or procedures to Dispatcher
  • Any other duties as required by Dispatcher

In addition
(Picker Operators)

  • Always extend outriggers before any lifting takes place if using picker
  • Keep your loads as low as possible when using picker
  • Always use tag lines
  • Dictate one person to be your signalman and only follow their directions
  • Never allow anyone to cross or stand under a load
  • Ensure you know the lifting capabilities of the picker you are using. Ensure picker can handle weight of piece you are lifting (ask for weight of piece). Never exceed the lifting capacities of the picker.
  • Ensure all paper work required for units are in the truck and or trailer


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